Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Power of Jewish Education

As I reflect on my vision for Aleph Beit Chadash Hebrew school, I think about our greater Jewish Community and our past history as well as our future.  I think about who I am, what is important to me and where those values come from.  It all comes back to Judaism.

I am a Jew.  I am proud to be part of a community and people who value life, knowledge, compassion and respect for others.  I am a child of a Holocaust survivor and I am proud to witness all the incredible accomplishments of the Jewish people in the last 70 years.  I am proud that I am part of a community that works together and has the resilience to overcome hardships and move forward for the next generation. 

I think about all the knowledge and beauty of the values that the Torah has woven into the fabric of our people.  The commandments of mitzvot have ensured our continuity and survival through time.  We always know that we are part of a greater community.

Today, our children must face the stresses of a new generation which can be both exciting and scary.  Our world is changing and with change comes uncertainty.  This brings me back to Aleph Beit Chadash and my vision.

Our children need to feel that connection and that link to their past as well as their future.  They need to understand how the roots of their history anchor them to be strong as they embark on their journey as strong, Jewish leaders who will continue to bring light to our world.  Our school is not just about "Hebrew".  The mission of Aleph Beit Chadash is so much more.  It is a grand mission of  love.  We want our students to learn about Judaism as part of their identity and love how it enriches their lives.  We want them to learn about the importance of family and community as they enjoy the blessings of all the Jewish "chagim" throughout the year.  We want them to understand their connection to Eretz Israel and the importance of always supporting it as their own.  We want them to feel the pull to visit Israel and experience the beauty of our history as they feel the land of Israel under their feet.  We want them to beam with pride as they dance through life with the melodies of the Torah as their guide.  So, our vision is more than just language.  Our vision is one of continuity.  Our children as our hope for a Jewish future.

Shavuah Tov!

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