Friday, 5 January 2018

Happy New Year!

The new year will bring a lot more exciting changes to our Aleph Beit Chadash Hebrew School.  We have some exciting upcoming learning experiences and dynamic programming.

We finished 2017 with some awesome Chanukah fun.  Our students made delicious latkas and enjoyed them with apple sauce.  They made their own dreidels to play with and they did an excellent job building spectacular and gorgeous chanukiahs.  We all had a great morning together.

I know 2018 will bring a lot more fun to our school.  We will be seeing a lot more of Noam and Ronny, our Israeli Shinshinim.  They will be joining us more frequently and facilitating our programming of Israel education.  Students will learn about food, culture, politics, innovation and life in Israel.

Our older students will also be involved in more independent research and learning experiences that they will share with their peers.  We will be integrating some technology into our program to allow for a "flipped classroom" experience.

We will begin the year by examining the impact of Trump's decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  Jerusalem has always been our capital.  It was where our Temple was erected and the direction that we face each time we pray.  It is the holiest city according to our text, that dates back 4000 years.  Why is it only now that United States has recognized it as Israel's capital.  Our students will be challenged with thought provoking questions to explore that will help to make sense of the challenges that Israel has overcome and continues to face in today's political climate.  Our students will learn to justify their opinions with factual information and navigate through the bias found in today's media.

We are looking forward to learning together with our students.

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